A bit about us – natural c’est fantastique!


Natural, natural, natural. I love healthy hair, nourished and natural looking. The coolness, effortlessly chic of a simple cut, the allure and magnetism of a natural and healthily messy hair are my passion and trademark


I’m Dutch. Passionate about French woman’s style. But who inspires myself in all women. With a so stressful life, I want to provide women something that gives them confidence and joie de vivre. A low maintenance haircut, a bright color, a healthy hair and excellence products that make it easy to achieve their goals. My clients love their #realhairforrealwoman.


Cited by Vogue Portugal as “Hair Master of his generation”, Anton Beill has worked with renowned fashion designers, photographers and models. His work has been published in several well-known magazines, such as Elle, Vogue Pt Máxima, Cosmopolitan, Celebrity, L'Officiel, Glamour. International celebrities are a big fan of Anton Beill.


A she story – inspired by woman


“Parisian Way”


The hair is elegantly messy and healthy. Stands light, loose. Radiates vitality. Luxuriously au naturel. And when the hair waves in the wind, the scent is of flowers. A key element of any woman’s everyday life who enjoys feeling different but being herself. Parisian way! Yes!



At the salon the cut is casual, modern and easy to maintain. For everyday life, an effortless chic visual strategically achieved in 5 minutes with the Anton Beill Haircare products. #hairgoals? Easy hair, easy products, easy (but chic!) life.

Realistically is possible to get a salon quality and elegant effect hair at home. One of a kind experience - to wake up with a model off-duty hair. Meaning everyday #goodhairday


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