FOR All hair types

WHEN Every day

BENEFITS Provides top-level smoothness; Eliminates any traces of greasiness; Lavender oil; Natural smoothing oil; Antiseptic qualities.

TEXTURE Lightweight Lavender oil; Spray

Paraben, silicone, SLS free

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Delicate smoothing spray showcasing Lavender’s refined purity.

A lightweight oil when applied to the hair, leaves it significantly smooth, easily manageable, and with an overall natural effect. 

Lavender oil prevents split ends and protects your hair from damaging.


How to apply:

Shake bottle before use, apply on clean, damp hair or dry hair, focusing on damaged or frizzy areas.


As an intense repair treatment

For very dry hair, apply our Spirulina mask with the lavender oil.

For even better results, Spirulina Mask can be used as a combo with the Essence Joboba adding the Flowery Lavandula.

Apply a small amount of oil on the hair's lengths and ends, following with the cellophane or a towel - and leave in for 20 minutes.


Extra benefits

Prepare your hair for coloring or styling, by applying a small amount of oil on the hair's lengths and ends.

Hairstylist tip: mix de lavander oil with the color before applying it, smoothes the hair and gives extra shine.