FOR All types

WHEN Every day

BENEFITS Replenishes and conditions dehydrated hair; Moisturizing and nourishing; Great for hydratation; Combats frizzy hair on a daily basis.

TEXTURE lightweight cream and non-sticky

Paraben, silicone, SLS free


Multipurpose concentrated moisturizing hair cream. Hydration, nourishment, soothing, protection and styling. 

The essence n8 Roses is enriched by a natural active ingredient, Wheat Protein - a protein find naturally in plants. 


The key ingredient in this essence is a hybrid of the Damascus Rose, named Centifolia. There is something utterly irresistible about the complex look, smell, taste and touch of this flower. Infused in this product, it creates the impression of a delicious and lightly-whipped Rose hair cream that is full of air and delicately flavored.


How to apply it?

- Shake well. Apply the Moisturizing cream to wet or damp hair, before blow-drying. Spread it with a comb or fingers and then blow-dry the hair into the desired shape. 

-  Shake well. Apply the Moisturizing cream to dry hair, after blow-drying, to give it a finishing look. Spread it with a comb or fingers.


Extra benefits :

Before dipping into the pool or ocean, try coating your hair with the Essence nr 8 Roses, it protects your strands from the sun and chlorine,” It provides a barrier so that your hair absorbs a minimal amount of chemicals and salt. Plus, it leaves your strands silky smooth post-pool, instead of that dreaded crunchiness.


Baby hairs

Reduces the frizzy baby hairs along the hairline.

Great for Curls

Reduces frizz and defines curls thanks to its wheat protein.

For Men

Adding natural-looking texture with no shine at all.