Spirulina mask one of my best sellers to restore a healthy scalp and promote hair growth



This formula started as a homemade recipe at my kitchen. Mixing raw honey, Spirulina and some genuine products and I kept this formula just so close to nature. One of a kind Scalp Spirulina Mask for my favourite customers to get a deeper treatment that really promoted a healthy scalp and hair growth.

From homemade to LAB, my Spirulina Mask is pure gold.


Precious ingredients means precious results


Spirulina to prevent hair loss

Promotes hair growth by cleaning the scalp and nourishing the hair follicles. The Meaning? Huge to prevent hair loss and ease hair renewal. A Plus? No more dandruff and itchy hair.


Safflower to moisturize

A Powerful Antioxidant that deeply repairs and moisturizes the hair.


Soy to shine bright

Supreme for smooth, soft and shiny hair. 


Wheat is for elasticity

Moisturizes the hair, maintains its elasticity and resistance. 


Peppermint to stop dandruff

Deeply treats and clean dry scalp so no more dandruff and itchy moments. A Plus? Normalizes sebum secretion and refreshes the scalp.


How to apply


You just need a small amount of this highly concentrated formula to get results. Take some of Spirulina Mask and emulsify in your hands. Onward, apply it on damp hair by making divisions into the hair - you can apply by using cellophane or a towel - and leave in for 20 minutes. Some few minutes before finishing the pose time, gently massage the hair from scalp to lengths. Add a trickle of water and lather, gently rubbing your head in circular motions to stimulate the blood circulation. A hairstylist tip: use cold water – which closes the pores and hair cuticles and prevents dirt from accumulating on the scalp, which means shiny hair.

Spirulina Mask can be used as an occasional treatment for dry scalps or as a purifying treatment twice a week. 

For even better results, Spirulina Mask can be used as a combo with nº6 Flowerly Lavandula – apply from the middle to the end of the hair as a treatment. 



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