How to Keep Your Hair Color From Fading in Summer


Diving into salty and chlorine water... how good is this?!


You may love your summer days, but your hair may require special needs! Want to know how to stop the dull hair and washed out colour? Anton Beill shampoos are so rich in nourishing and antioxidants ingredients that will help you to maintain both condition and colour protection.

Did you know that more often you dive into the ocean or the pool the salty and chlorine water have a tendency to aggravate split-ends.? If you do not want to cut a lot make sure before you go on vacation to stop by the hairdresser to give a trim. By the end of the summer you only have to cut off a tiny length of you hair. 


So the oxidation can occur (depending of products choise and the way that colour is applied)


Are you spending long periods outdoors these holidays? So, you may want to consider wearing a hat. And, of course, the right products for your hair! Oxidation it’s probable to occur and affect your hair over time, adding a red or yellow tinge to lighter and darker shades. This is related not only to the choices of the hairdresser at the salon (products and the way that colour is applied) but also to long periods in the salty and chlorine water.

Ideally, you should colour your hair 2 to 3 weeks before going on vacations or do a very light highlight effect, avoiding big colour changes. Enjoy the sunny days lifting your hair highlights naturally. 


Hair flips for days


Contrary to what many people think, remember not use products with high percentage of oils because oil burns in the sun!

The answer? Perfect haircare products are closed to Nature. Keep on reading and take our advices for a perfect summer hair!


Always protect naturally your hair before stepping into the swimming pool or the ocean. Zinc oxide is a popular mineral in my product Essence ner 8 Roses it is enriched by natural active ingredients which fights dryness, protects against heat and prevents split ends. The centifolia based cream will work as a layer on top of the hair to protect, specially, the scalp.

Before dipping into the pool or ocean, try coating hair withthe product Essence ner 8 Roses  protect your strands from the sun and chlorine,” It provides a barrier so that your hair absorbs a minimal amount of chemicals and salt. Plus, it leaves your strands silky smooth post-pool, instead of that dreaded crunchiness.


After a joyful beach or swimming pool day take the nº4 Essence Jojoba into the bath. Jojoba Oil have almost all the most important vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy scalp. This natural cream, with organic Jojoba, Soy and Wheat extracts, is rich in lipids and peptides easily absorbed by hair, avoiding dry hair and split ends.

It adds the most amazing moisture and shine back into limp locks. Hair flips for days.


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